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An Open Letter To My Fellow Godshard

Godly in spirit, mortal in body. Flesh so soft I wonder how it could hold me in. Some days (most days) I wish I could swallow nebulas and turn the universe inside out. I want to scream and break shit and demand that people listen to me. But I don’t. Why? Don’t I deserve it?

Well, no. The me that is writing this post is not the me who is up in the clouds making the sun rise. The you that is reading this post is not the you who sleeps in the earth and makes the trees grow. And when people pray for rain they’re not praying to Michael from Dublin. They’re praying to, y’know, the gods.

But we’re one and the same! To an extent, of course we are. But in whatever way, by whatever means, we are separate from our godhood in this moment. If we weren’t, there wouldn’t be any reason to call ourselves alterhuman, right? There exists a schism between the awareness of Jacadrach, Lord of Change and Jac who writes Alt+H posts for a living. This division of ego must be acknowledged if we’re to live good lives.

Because it doesn’t matter how holy holy holy we are or were or will be. We’re just as ensorcelled in flesh and feelings as everyone else is right now. Our memories are just as reliable, our bodies just as capable, our beliefs just as provable. That is to say: not very! And to think of ourselves any more highly than that isn’t a problem because it’s potentially wrong, but because it’s potentially dangerous.

This is how the bad guys get their foot in the door. Claiming divine authority has lead to wars, abuse, and plenty of tumblr discourse. We are in a unique position, as supposed gods in human bodies, where we’re equally at risk of being victims or perpetrators of harm because of our beliefs. We are in a unique position where we have to take extra responsibility to stop either of those things from happening.

All it takes is a little mindfulness about your actions. Think about who you’re extending the olive branch to when you’re looking for angels who remember you, for people to worship you, for diviners to advise you. Think too, of the implications of spreading warnings of astral wars, issuing commandments, or condemning mortals. Having an omnipotent ID is no excuse for eschewing research and verification.

In all of these spiritual interactions and relationships, there is a power balance which you have to carefully manage. Keep your ego in check and make sure you don’t end up under someone else’s thumb - or they under yours - and use your unique perspective of divinity and mortality to make people’s lives better instead of worse.

Because with great power comes great responsibility, right?

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