The Alterhuman Media Project

Spring Cleaning

Welcome to the new site! This is the first step in our long-term plan for 2017 to become a little more platform-agnostic. If you're following us on tumblr or twitter, or if you're part of the Discord server, don't worry: you'll still be notified on your platform of choice when new articles go up, plus, there's a lot of platform exclusive stuff still left to be had.

 The tumblr and the site might be a little wobbly for the next few days as we transfer the domain over. This won't affect you unless you try to access the url directly.

In anticipation for this new stage of growth, we've also changed how access to the Discord server works a little. From now on, if you're new to the server, you'll have to be verified before you can access most channels. All this really amounts to is ticking a box on a google form that says 'hey! verify me!' - we're still the same friendly bunch and still vehemently against gatekeeping server access, so feel free to pop along.

Thanks for sticking with us during this exciting (if a little turbulent) time in our development. We hope to continue serving you quality alterhuman content for years to come!

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