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February Roundup

As February draws to a close and winter with it, let's have a look at what you've had to say about this month's QOTM:

What is your relationship to humanity?

Do you identify with any part of being human? 
Do you feel like you’re a blend of ‘other’ and human, or fully not human inside? 
Are you human but alterhuman in some other way?

1) "I don’t have to identify as either fully human or fully not"

- Aepaex gives us this great perspective on otherheartedness and existing in contrast to your environment.

2) "I consider myself, as I am now, to be a hybrid being"

- Fractal Boundary explains how humanity and alterity can coexist in the same body.

3) "Anthropophobia"

- Vagabond Sun contemplates otherness in the eyes of other people.

4) "We realized just how much rabbit is in our soul"

- KabitTarah talks about the comfort a deep rooted nonhuman connection can bring in this exploration of her therianthropy over the years.

5) "Pretty damn distant"

- Serpent of Solipsistful tells us that when it comes to feelings of otherness in alterhumans, it's not always your species that's to blame.

6) "Its very own brand of mixed nuts"

- BlueBoxOfSnark sums up some complicated feelings in a short and sweet statement on the weirdness of being human.

There was also tons of conversation throughout the whole month on the discord server's dedicated QOTM channel: together we explored the boundaries of the definition of 'human' and 'person'; body modification's role in identity and the nature of sentience in relation to and around the QOTM subject. It was a great way to get involved for the people who didn't feel up to writing a whole article, and an excellent supplement for the people who did. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Now we've got March to look forward to - what will the next question be? Check back tomorrow to find out!

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