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It’s Official: Otherkin DO Real

According to an Otherkin News tweet on February 25th, the word ‘otherkin’ was added to the Oxford Dictionary, possibly earlier this month. The definition can be read here:

What does this development mean for otherkin and alterhuman communities? On the one hand, it is a powerful sort of validation that knowledge of one’s identity has become widespread enough to warrant inclusion in a dictionary, one of our society’s official arbiters of language. It makes a statement: This is not just some ‘made-up word,’ it has a dictionary definition. Pedantic naysayers can be redirected to highly-regarded source: Read ‘em and weep.

On the other hand, I don’t need the Oxford Dictionary’s approval to know that I exist, and that my feelings are real and meaningful. Otherkin have defined themselves as such since the 1990s, and were just as solidly extant then as we are now that we are officially defined. Further, definitions can be limiting, especially socially official ones such as dictionaries dole out: Do we have to conform exactly to this definition to be ‘valid,’ or is there still room for flux and change?

What you think? Share your opinions with us about ‘otherkin’ being added to the Oxford Dictionary!

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