The Alterhuman Media Project
Source: Alexander Stielau
This month is a month of firsts - it's the first time we're doing a Question of the Month on the new site, and it's the first time we asked you, the community, to pick this month's question. The response has been fantastic! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and voted on them.

This is what you've chosen to be February's Question of the Month:

What is your relationship to humanity? 

Do you identify with any part of being human? Do you feel like you’re a blend of ‘other’ and human, or fully not human inside? Are you human but alterhuman in some other way?

You can answer via tumblr or twitter; you can link us to your writing on your own site; and, for the first time you can join us on our Discord server for a round table discussion on February 3rd, 5pm Eastern Time (see it in your local time here).

At the end of the month, we'll round up our favourite thoughts and show them off here. If your answer is particularly thoughtful, entertaining, or inspiring, that could be you!

And if you've got an idea for next month's question? Now's the time to submit it!

Thank you for your contributions so far, and your contributions yet to come!

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