The Alterhuman Media Project

Guess what? It's gonna be May! Time for this month's question:

How do you react to your identity 'in the wild'?
For example, if you're therian, what's it like seeing your species and similar?
If you're fictionkin, how do you react to fandom and fiction in general?

You can answer on tumblr or twitter; or you can link us to something on your own site via any of our social medias or the #qotm channel on the Discord server.

We're also giving you a new way to submit anonymously starting this month, as per some requests! Send your submissions to with an optional alias to have them published on the site. You can submit anonymously through the tumblr as well!

Submit what you like! It doesn't have to be a whole essay. It can be a paragraph, a sentence, a short poem. Hell, it doesn't even have to be writing! Art is welcome too. Interprative dance? Music? Sure! Whatever you have to contribute is valuable and appreciated.

Of course, there's also the QOTM Roundtable to look forward to. This month, it's on Friday 5th at 5pm EST. See that in your local time here and then join the server so you can participate!

And just like last time, at the end of the month, we'll round up our favourite thoughts and show them off here. If your answer is particularly thoughtful, entertaining, or inspiring, that could be you!

We're looking forward to seeing what you've got to show us this month!

If you already have an idea for next month's question, let us hear it!

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