The Alterhuman Media Project
Did you know there's an official Alt+H Habitica guild? It was conceived on the Discord server as a way to reward QOTM participation, but our members have quickly started coming up with their own ideas for alterhuman-related challenges - like this one:

Ultimate 30 Day Alterhuman Challenge!

From the challenge page: "30 days of thought-provoking questions about your alterhumanity! This is an ongoing challenge, so there will be no winner, but it's a fun way to earn experience while learning and sharing more about yourself. Feel free to share the answers here in the guild, in the Discord, on Tumblr, or via your favorite sharing website! These are designed as a 30 day challenge, but go at your own pace."

If that sounds like something you want to participate in, contact us with your User ID to be invited to the guild. And hey, if the idea is really popular, maybe the questions will be shared outside of the guild too! 

Once you're registered for the challenge, you can, as mentioned, share your answers anywhere you like and bring our attention to them much like you would for a QOTM. If your site of choice allows hashtags, use #30daysofalterhuman to share your posts and find other people doing the same!

Make sure to give the creator of the challenge, skeletonxdreams on tumblr, some love too! Thank you for creating this, and to everyone who gets involved!

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