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Alt+H Prompt of the Month

Happy November! New seasons bring new things, and that includes a new take on the previously-named Question of the Month! As we posted here, we're making some changes to be more inclusive and inspire more creativity and sharing within our communities by formally introducing the Alt+H Prompt of the Month!
Now, at the beginning of each new month, there will be a short one- or two-word prompt with the goal of sharing what that word means to each of us in terms of our alterhumanity, and the prompt for this month and to kick things off is:


What do beginnings mean to you as an alterhuman? Could it be the beginning of your journey of self-discovery? Your entrance into the community? Something else entirely? Share your feelings on alterhuman beginnings through writing, art, selfies, videos, slam poetry, postmodernist meme art, even interpretive dance! Live your dreams!

You can answer on Tumblr, Twitter, or the Facebook page; or you can link us to something on your own site via any of our social medias by @ing us or tagging #althprompt, or link it to us on the new #potm channel on the Discord server.

You can also send your submissions to with an optional alias to have them published on the site, and you can submit anonymously through the Tumblr as well (though be warned Tumblr may eat your submissions)! So many options!

We look forward to seeing what these new changes bring and what folks have to share this month!

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