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Alt+H Prompt of the Month

It's a New Year, and that brings with it both the chance to reflect and look back, and the chance to shed what's old and bring positive change into yourself. It's a time to declare new resolutions and set intentions for the incoming year that we look to with hope. So to wish everyone a Happy New Year, we present you with the January 2018 Prompt of the Month.

"Fate and Choice" 

When you think about Fate and Choice with regards to your alterhuman experience, what does that make you think of or feel? What role do each play in your life and perspective? Do you believe in one more than the other? Whatever your thoughts, we encourage you to share them however you can -- drawing, writing, video, interpretive dance, yodeling, parkour, it's a big new world full of ways to express yourself!

You can answer on Tumblr or Twitter; or you can link us to something on your own site via any of our social medias by @ing us or tagging #althprompt, or link it to us on the new #potm channel on the Discord server.

You can also send your submissions to with an optional alias to have them published on the site, and you can submit anonymously through the Tumblr as well (though be warned Tumblr may eat your submissions)! 

As always, we look forward to seeing what people have to share, and look forward to a bright and hopeful 2018!

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