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Alt+H Prompt of the Month Feb '18

As we come further into the year, it never hurts to look back on our history as a guide for where we are going next and who we are now, which is why February's prompt is


How has history impacted you as an alterhuman? How do you feel about the histories of communities you've been in? Have you been around for major portions of it? Do you have anything lost to time you'd like to share? Or perhaps reflect on your own history? There are limitless possibilities!

And all of those possibilities can be expressed in writing, art, slam poetry, splatter paint, a trumpet solo, or whatever you dream!

You can answer on Tumblr or Twitter; or you can link us to something on your own site via any of our social medias by @ing us or tagging #althprompt, or link it to us on the new #potm channel on the Discord server.

You can also send your submissions to with an optional alias to have them published on the site, and you can submit anonymously through the Tumblr as well (though be warned Tumblr may eat your submissions)! 

As always, we look forward to seeing what people have to share!

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