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Alt+H wants to create a resource which answers the fundamental questions that mental health professionals have about alterhumanity. We want to familiarize these people with the issues that alterhuman groups face and why they might come up in a therapeutic context.
But to give answers, we need to know what the questions are! Victim of Changes has developed a survey for anyone working in mental health to determine what their experience with alterhuman identities already is and what more they want to know.
The survey will run for around two months, and we intend to have the first version of the resource completed by Fall 2018.
We’ve created a handout to share with therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and anyone else you know who’s a mental health professional. This will link them to the survey and let them know how to get in contact with us directly should they need to. Please share it around the relevant circles as much as you can!

Download and print the handout here 

If you want to take a look at the survey before giving it out, you can see a review copy here.


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