The Alterhuman Media Project


The Project
The word alterhuman was coined as a solution to prohibitive identity politics in the otherkin community. We saw it as an opportunity to unite all kinds of people over a shared experience of being not-normatively-human. Alt+H has a vision of a thriving community where everyone from furries to transhumanists can explore their relationship to humanity, and tackle what it even means to be human in the first place. If you reject the idea that the word 'human' applies to you, if your sense of self encompasses more than your earthly body, or if you're just really annoyed by anthropocentricism, Alt+H is for you.

Our Team

Vagabond Sun
Mordecai is Alt+H's lead content director. They've been alterhuman for a whole decade and they have a lot of feelings about it - one day they hope to supplement their ramblings with a philosophy degree.
Victim of Changes
Alice is an administrative volunteer for Alt+H, and has been part of various alterhuman communities for over 9 years. They're interested in surveying alterhuman experience, particularly with regards to species dysphoria and nonhuman modifications.

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