The Alterhuman Media Project


This is the main resources page, collating media both by Alt+H and the wider community. It's primarily intended to be educational - there will be a separate page for alterhuman-related entertainment soon, if we can ever find enough to fill it.
It's a modest collection right now, but we're always looking to expand it with quality alterhuman content (we're especially interested in finding more resources for non-English speaking people).




Social Spaces

  • - "...a small collective making and running online things for otherkin, nonhumans, alterhumans, etc." 18+, has both a forum and chat.
  • Otherkin Hispano - A Spanish-language forum for otherkin and therians.
  • The Werelist - A long-standing forum for therians.
  • Draconic - "For dragons, by dragons": A forum and chat for dragon otherkin and other dragon-identified people.


  • Project Shift - "an information and resource site, aimed at providing the public with up-to-date information on therianthropy and the therianthropic community."
  • Thébaïde - Essays on animality by a clouded leopard / common raven therian. A personal favourite of Victim of Changes'. Many articles also have French translations! / De nombreux articles sont traduits en Français aussi!
  • Between Forest and Sea - The personal website of House of Chimeras, with resources relating to both otherkinty and plurality.
  • A collection of writings by the Elenari, a group of elven otherkin who share memories of their elven lives that have common elements of history, culture, and language. 
  • Noctalium - A Spanish-language website mainly focused on moder/'real' vampires but with some information on otherkin and therians as well.
  • and the postfurry wiki - A website with information on postfurry as a concept and links to postfurry community spaces, maintained by Indi Latrani, who also moderates our Discord server.

Academic & related

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